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CE: Red Hooded Blonde by Syndicth
CE: Red Hooded Blonde
A contest entry for Fairytale Design Contest by :iconkpj11: ^Q^////

I designed the red riding hood in a bit different personality compared to the common red riding hood since in this design she looks a bit more mature and has confident and courage. It's because I think why should red riding hood is a little innocent girl when she is able to cross the wood alone and her parent let her go by herself by the way---- well it's just my thought tho...

The clothes. Her clothes is actually a merge between the usual red riding hood clothes with Indonesia traditional clothes, kebaya (it's from my country hehe) I just mixing them with fun and got this as the result~~ so this is a merge between Western story and Asian culture ^Q^

Made traditionally with copic marker, drawing pen and gel pens >w<
Art and Design © me

No ART THEFT ALLOWED (when is that allowed by the way-)
If you have seen this art before then it must be from my instagram (syndicth_) xD
PN: Senja Kusuma by Syndicth
PN: Senja Kusuma

Yes, I'm sorry for being abstain here so very long... i think it since last October? oh waw so long---;;; I'm more active at Instagram now (over active actually) if you still interested to see my drawing, please go follow @ syndicth_ :iconureshiiplz:

This artwork done with my friend's derwent inktense pencil and my mechanical pencil to add some effect~ it's fun to explore more with new media~~

Karuna © :iconsyndicth:
PN HBD Tyoflava by Syndicth
PN HBD Tyoflava

It's a collaboration between :iconzerou: (sketch), :iconneyzafluodrence: (lining) and me :iconsyndicth: (coloring) and yes, as you expected;

IT'S STUCK ON MY PART :icongtthplz: so sorry huhuhuhuhu *cough*

anyway.... HAPPY BELATEEEEEDDDDD BIRTHDAY (since your birthday is on 5th Dec)
Hope you always healthy and cheerful~ good luck on your exams and study so you can go to a university you wish to join >w</
Keep motors and keep bara :icomimbishieplz:

Nyoman © :icontyoflava:
Sketch © :iconzerou:
Lineart © :iconneyzafluodrence:
Coloring © :iconsyndicth:
Payment can be done via Paypal or Points
Pembayaran rupiah melalui account BCA ^^

:bulletorange: The price below is not permanent so I may change the price after the problem cleared (just maybe tho--)
:bulletorange: You may negotiate the price
:bulletorange: The maximum character number is one, so if you ask me to draw more than one person in detail, it means additional charge (depends on your commission type tho~ )
:bulletorange: You can ask me to send the commission piece to you (since I draw it manually) but however, you will be charged for the shipping costs and it will depend on your location 
:bulletorange: You may re-posting the artwork as long as you credit me. For commercial use, please inform me first~ ^^
:bulletorange: Feel free to ask about the commission via note or comment here~

Scroll down to see some samples of my drawings~

:bulletgreen: Sketch :bulletgreen:

100-500 points
1-5 USD depends on the type (chibi-headshot-full body) and its detail
10.000-35.000 rupiah
DevA: Smiling by SyndicthReq: Headshots Batch 1 by Syndicth
CLAC MoE PN: Bunny Flowers by Syndicth

:bulletgreen: Lineart :bulletgreen:

300-1500 points
3-15 USD depends on type and detail
20.000-100.000 rupiah
GES: Among Nature Lineart by SyndicthVOCALOID: Gemini LineArt by Syndicth

:bulletgreen: Black and White pencil shade :bulletgreen:

800-2500points (2 slots only)
8-25 USD depends on the type and detail
60.000-200.000 rupiah

PN: AU: Blind Justice by SyndicthGO: Standing together by SyndicthSnK OC: 3D Maneuver by Syndicth

:bulletgreen: Full Color :bulletgreen:

1000-3000 points (2slots only)
10-30 USD depends on the type and detail
80.000-250.000 rupiah
MoE: a sheep and a little chicken colored by Syndicth Comm: Shen by SyndicthComm: Icy Suncrow by Syndicth

:bulletgreen: To Add Details, Characters and/or Background :bulletgreen:

100-3000 points
1-30 USD depends on the detail itself
8.000-250.000 rupiah
Comm: Elf Village by SyndicthPN: Seandainya by Syndicth
PN: 0: The Fool by SyndicthPN: XXI The World by SyndicthPE:HBD Kougi: Wonderland Project by SyndicthComm: That Summer by SyndicthFS: Festive Sightseeing by Syndicth

Things I Can:
-anime style
-natural or building background
-detail based on references
-a bit NSFW is fine

Things I Can't:
-detail animal
-realist style
-intense gore/horror

Please note me with your detail of commission and references :heart: then we will negotiate about the commission afterward > v <)7

But I may decline your offer if i feel like I am not capable to do so.. So sorry..

And if you may, please help me advertise this commission journal via your journal or any social media..:icondeyedplz:

Thank you~
First--- I wanna screaaaammmmmmm why you all so kind to remember my birthday uuuuuuu QuQ :heart: I don't even give you all much but instead so many of you remember today is my special day :iconsawbplz: thank you so very much okay :iconasdfghplz:
Unfortunately not all of the pic I got submitted to dA but I will still feature ones that submitted to dA. By any means, please check their awesomeness uuuhhhhhh

Thanks a lot! any means, please receive my thanks with the motorcycle thrown to both of you #no
I did not even wonder to get something this cute!! uuuhhhhh both of your collaboration just win :heart::heart::icongawwplz:
Those artist's comment just WIN as well I laughed so much while read them :iconhurrdurrplz: You both never fail to entertain me and make me laugh so hard by your absurdness asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf
thank you so much again for accompanying me to keep up our group with other admins as well QuQ it really fun xD let's meet up often, three of us, talking as absurd as we can, laughing like alien, and planning many sado plans :icongtthplz: Thank you for being maso with me :icondojimathumbsupplz:

PN : little flower by Tc-Chan from Tc-Chan :icontc-chan:
My beloved Aniki :heart:'s not like we are related by blood but we are related by heart #heh
Thank you so much!!! This is so cute and yet you say that another is in progress asdfasdfasdfasdfsdfasdf/////
and I really touched by your artist's comment... I don't think I gave you that much but../////
thank you for always kind to me QuQ

ughuuuuuu her art is so beautiful~~!! I've always wondering abt her since we are in SnK OC Group on FB but then somehow I got chance to know her when there is a gathering~ :heart:
Thank you so much for the beautiful art Q7Q:heart::heart: you give me this while I did nothing to you---why so kind---asdfasdfasdfasdfasdg :iconhnnghplz:
Let's hang out some more OuQ/

as for links below... I don't know if you can open them but I hope you all can check them out Q u Q they are so beautiful and I just can't handle my feeling to share their awesomeness to you all /////

this one is literally made in front of me :rofl: I really love this and always bring it in my bag :heart: she even gave me the pen altogether xDDD
Being one of your best friend is really a special thing for me. I don't even think we could be one before but hey we are now :heart: I'm glad for having you, I really am. I really glad that you sometimes facetime me and chit-chatting so much with me, share your experiences to me and else.//// thank you so much and I really love you :icongawwplz:

thank you so much, and thank you for being a great great best friend to me for this 5 years!:iconsparklesplz: I can't talk much about you. And hey you intruder xDD I was expected someone coming together with Kougi-kun but I didn't expect you to come and gave me such a birthday surprise //// love you both so much

Thank you so much for drawing theeemmmm Q 7 Q :heart: amg i can't express my happiness seeing them together QuQ
Thank you for being such a good friend for me though we just meet few times! thank you for letting your OC be with my OC and I will never bored talking about them!! let's chat some more about them in the future!! :iconseyedplz:

THIS ONE FREAK ME OUT ok..take it as the truth.. I almost screaming in the car this afternoon, seeing this one. It is so beautiful I will never quit adoring your art bby QuQ :heart::heart: I kinda wonder why they all are holding various kind of breads but maybe...maybe ok...I get it.. those on zhyr's hand must be from Anne... and the one on tezzo's maybe an Ivy's handmade :iconzxcvbnmplz:
and fyi..I even forgot already that Tezzo has a piercing on his left ear hahahhahahaha////////// #tapokdiri
and this is my honest thanks to you, thank you for being my best friend for this last few years and I never not smile at how we don't know that we both are Indonesian back then when we were junior high ahahahahhaha but nothing is coincidence! I'm happy to meet you, I'm happy to be able to be your friend, and I really miss to meet you QuQ I really wish I can go there or whatever as long as we can meet each other and talking so much, laughing together with you just priceless ////// love you so much and keep in touch okay.. Q 7 Q :heart:

and as for everyone else, thank you for remembering about greeting me a happy birthday. You all just made my day//// I can't write down one by one but please receive my thanks from the bottom of my heart QuQ

I'm sorry for babbling so much here but I tried my best to express my happiness, gratefulness and everything else.///// thank you so much Q u Q

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  • Reading: Ookami Heika no Hanayome
  • Drinking: Soyamilk


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
well...kacang is my nick name at my course and actually "kacang" in English is many ways i think :iconrlyplz:

Feel free to watch me~ thank you for fave my artwork >w< and I really appreciate commission :D

I am not a giveaway donator, I giveaway point by random and stop asking me for points...if you want points from me, give me your point commission list..thanks for your attention

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